Here is a partial list of satisfied clients
we have worked with:

Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Barclay LTD
Bauerly Brothers Contractors
Cold Spring Granite
College of Saint Benedict
Conlon Construction
Donlar Corporation
Duffy Engineering
Fabcon Inc.
Gilleland Chevrolet
Gopher State Contractors
Hy-Tech Construction
Jim Cotten Construction
J.R. Ferche
K.A. Witt Construction Company
Kelly Inn / St. Cloud Civic Center
Lexis Nexis
Miller Management (Minneapolis)
Quebecor Printing
Quest Communications
Xcel Energy
Schoenberg Construction
Shingobee Builders
St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud School District 742
W. Gohman Construction
Winkelman Building Corporation
Woodcraft Industries